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TEK ONE Database

Always growing and ever changing, it’s our Database that separates us from a traditional staffing agency. Over the years, our partners have collected names and contact information of contractors and technicians from all across the country. From working hand in hand or from staffing them for other companies, their expertise and skill level were proven in the field. It was our partner’s own understanding of how  important people were, that they unknowingly started building the database well before Tek One was created. Now combined together, our database allows us to find exactly the candidate to best fill your needs. If by chance we need to search for someone new, our database changes into a network that uses our contacts to find a suitable candidate.

Financial Savings

Revenue Growth

Our Team

Our management team has over 40 years experience vetting, hiring and placing the right ppeople in the right places.  Our forward thinking team members keep us relevant in today’s ever changing high-tech society.  That combination makes TEK ONE your best choice in staffing solutions.


Commitment To Excellence

The TEK ONE family is committed to solving your staffing needs by securing only the most qualified labor available.  For short term contracts, temp-to-hire or permanent placement, we will take the extra steps to find exactly what you need.



We Fill Staffing Request Fast

Most positions are filling in less than 24 hours thanks to the TEK ONE National Contractor Database. Built up over time and filled with skilled craftsman, it allows us to pull the best candidates quickly.

We Interview, You Keep Working

Avoid the losses in productivity when your team steps away to interview, verify work history or to call references. We have already done all of that for you.

It Only Costs A Phone Call

None of your company's labor is spent on filing this position and TEK ONE will never assign fees for placing the perfect contractor.

Insurance At No Cost

Contractors work under our current Worker's Comp, Work Driving and Liability Insurance, so no cost to our employer clients.

Retain Your Key Employees

End the days when you have too many full time employees and not enough hours to go around. Create a core staff that always are working and call TEK ONE for a big project or when busy season arrives.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Create the reputation as the company that always beats their deadlines. Bring in one contractor for a week or three technicians for just one day. TEK ONE will help you hit your goals!

Have More Time For New Business

With projects moving quicker and more talented hands involved, you have more time away from the job site. This allows more interaction with possible new clients and who better to tll you than you.

Take On Simultaneous Projects

From a Project Manager to a Lead Technician, we can provide all the leadership needed to add on new projects simultaneously. Spend your time going from job site to job site and never turn down another opportunity again.

Increase Your Bottom Line
TEK ONE is committed to providing you with the best candidates to fulfill your projects.
Low Voltage Cabling
Find out why TEK ONE is the Leader in providing CAT 5/6 Technicians.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We will remove and replace any Tek One placement at any time for any reason.